they can’t know

they can’t know

People who support you when you have a mental illness do their best. They try to support you as much as they can. But at the end of the day they don’t know what it’s like.

To be disabled and not a member of society. To be at home all the time because you can’t interact with people. To feel alone in your own house. To live in darkness despite the lights on.

There are times when this becomes apparent. When they go do normal people things and think you will just be ok because you say you are. When you don’t say things so you don’t end up in the hospital. When there is no hope.

What are we relegated to? A life of this shit. All the medication in the world can’t make it go away. You try to control the symptoms but they are always there. They are just at bay waiting for you to drop your guard. There is no cure for mental illness. It is a life long, often fatal disease. And people wonder why more people don’t admit to their mental illness.

We’re all alone. Everyone with a mental illness is alone. Because those around us don’t have the ability to comprehend what it is like. They have never felt it. Even for an hour. How sweet ignorance is. I wish I was stupid as fuck.

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