storm clouds

storm clouds

The sky rolls. The air thickens. The wind picks up. There is an energy brewing.

Soon the downpour will unleash. Soon the sky will open to a release of condensation in the atmosphere. Soon all will be drenched.

Your brain is telling you to get inside. That you don’t want to get wet. That it is better to be dry than wet. That warmth is better than cold.

And then you realize you don’t have anywhere to go. You have no shelter. You have no protection from the elements. You are hungry and dirty and tired and soon you will be soaked.

But this moment is beautiful. This energy swirling in nature is full of awe. The weather waits for no man. Poor, rich, black, white, kind, cruel, intelligent, uneducated. The rain will find all equally.

This equalization of the human race and it’s inability to change the world they so desperately fight and claw and hack and slash to control is comical.

All the money and power in the world cannot stop the richest man in the world feeling the same helplessness to stop the rain that the poorest most downtrodden man does in that moment.

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