slow burn

slow burn

Sometimes the illness creeps up on you slowly. You don’t know it is even entering your headspace. It’s not until you catch a series of thoughts or feelings that you realize something is off. Even with medication, the illness let’s you know it’s still there.

Medication can only go so far. The illness is stronger. It is always there and always will be. There is no escape. The thoughts and darkness persist. The light and energy swirl. The quicksilver flow ideas mix with darkness and morbidity.

But you know you are stronger. You’ve stood in this storm before. You know what it brings. You know its strengths and its chinks in armor. You know how to withstand the winds that blow, the dark of night and the sun that shines. You know the energy and freedom and highs; you know the chains and weight of the depths of madness.

You will see it through to the other side. You are stronger. You grow stronger with each attack. You have backed the lion into its cage before and it is sure as hell going back in there again.

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