Ask someone what the first words that come to mind when you say “ocean”. Waves, beach, fish, sun, water, salt, boats; and maybe for the more progressive minded folks out there – erosion, oil spills, extinction, pollution, etc.

When I think ocean, I think of the collective consciousness of the people on earth. The individual streams all leading to the same body.

Everyone’s river or stream matters. There is no escape; no one is exempt. Everyone’s thoughts contribute to this vast conglomerate of energy.

Some of us just poison the well. Some of us trickle in darkness and fear. Some of us contribute nothing but pain and confusion.

If only there were a way to heal those sources of contamination.

There is. It’s called acceptance. It’s called adequate medical care. It’s called compassion. It’s the elimination of the stigma of mental illness.

Our ocean is only as strong and clear as the people of this planet. The destruction has been slowly crumbling way before people started taking notice of global warming.

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. But what of your neighbor’s?

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