For myself only

For myself only

It’s amazing how self serving this country has become. Everyone is obsessed with what things can do for them. How can it improve them in the eyes of the “community”. Everyone, basically, is selfish.

I know I am not making friends with all these posts and fuck you if you are offended. No one can understand where I am coming from and I don’t expect you to. All I can say is that I bet you’re thinking to yourself right now “how is this benefiting me?”

There is no support for mental illness. At least not REAL mental illness. Yea, sure, anxiety and situational depression are accepted as part of life, but throw in the mix mania and clinical depression with delusions of grandeur and thoughts of death and suicide and watch people run.

It’s a sad state of affairs when someone thinks their life is so worthless that they are willing to take it because there is no point in living it anymore. And people just sit by and watch. “He seemed so normal” people say. YEA. We are living among you. You just don’t know it because people can’t talk about it.

In 2019 there were 2.5 more suicides than murder in the US. Who is put on trial with a suicide? Who is to blame for the death? Where is the justice system for these victims? Who is held accountable. Where do those families whose loved ones took their own life turn to for answers? A note maybe. Only left with questions.

The take away here is that society is fucked. People put their own well being over everything else. No one actually cares for anyone. Not in a meaningful way. Social influencers are revered as gods and anything they say is taken as gospel while a post by someone with a mental illness is written off as whining or even worse ignored altogether.

With the ignorance and stigma of mental illness and society’s constant need for attention and appearing better than everyone else, those real connections that might save someone’s life are left unattended to. They don’t fucking exist.

I bet you didn’t even read this far.

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