They assault the senses but do people really see them. Do people really understand them.

They are emotion. They are ideas. They are memories. They are undefinable.

Beams of light cast on a surface determined by what spectrum decides to show it’s face.

We give them names and classify them into temperatures. We pick favorites and buy products that profess our preferences to the world. We mix and match what we buy according to what we think is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

People try to control the colors they see. They try to harness the color into their lives and force them onto their clothes, their cars, their houses, their purses, their shoes.

But colors laugh at man’s inability to control them. They laugh at those who believe they have a mastery of them, that they control them and make their decisions for them.

Who is the really controlled? Man who plays by light’s rule. Or light that refuses to change and be many things at once all the while pretending to be harnessed for man’s pleasure?

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