been awhile

Nightfall comes without notice of time. Words become bets of chance. Unknown faces permeate reality. This is a lost dream. This is an alternative life. These are ashes of the world. We strive for a better life. We try to grasp what we know we can’t hold. We know it will not become real, but the temptation of a reality […]

storm clouds

The sky rolls. The air thickens. The wind picks up. There is an energy brewing. Soon the downpour will unleash. Soon the sky will open to a release of condensation in the atmosphere. Soon all will be drenched. Your brain is telling you to get inside. That you don’t want to get wet. That it is better to be dry […]

brain popper

The air is thick. There is nothing but darkness. The silence is deafening. You feel yourself slipping away. You want to grab on, but the desire to let go is too much. You fall. This moment in your life is your biggest. It is the time that all things will return to. It makes you who you will be for […]

dark ship

I climbed onto a ship that made it. There are countless others who were lost at sea. Their struggles were too great. The current dragged them down. They stopped fighting. They stopped swimming. They drown in the pain and sadness. In the loneliness and despair. No one was there to throw them a line. No one cared enough to ask […]


People are afraid of nightmares. Their precious sleep is ruined by a series of bad thoughts. They are unconsciously put in situations they find disturbing. Daymares are living nightmares. They are real life situations that are disturbing. They are scary. They are uncontrollable. They are unavoidable. There is no escape. This is a psychotic episode. This is fear. This is […]

sun dripped

Days grow shorter. Darkness descends quicker. Cold creeps in. But there is 15 minutes in the afternoon right before the darkness envelops the day. There is a last ditch effort from the sun to leave it’s last mark on that moment in the river of existence. There is a splash of golden light in the sky that drips off everything […]