Ask someone what the first words that come to mind when you say “ocean”. Waves, beach, fish, sun, water, salt, boats; and maybe for the more progressive minded folks out there – erosion, oil spills, extinction, pollution, etc. When I think ocean, I think of the collective consciousness of the people on earth. The individual streams all leading to the […]

the world

Ignition sequence start. It looks so beautiful up here. The oceans glow. The cities pulse with yellow energy. The mountains separate the land. There is no war. There is no hatred, no discrimination, no brutality, no countries, no judicial system, no racism. We are all just inhabitants. Here for a blink in the universe. Our lives a spark in time […]


My heart is filled with anger. My actions fueled by hate. My eyes are tinged with pain. Why am I cursed? Why am I afflicted with this possibly deadly illness? What did I do to deserve this life of constant struggle and grief? Those are just the cards I was dealt. You can’t ask for a reshuffle. There is no […]


Our day is filled with an onslaught. We are bombarded with life. Even more so we are bombarded with how terrible our life is compared to others. Spend any time on instagram or facebook and see how often you get down because you are seeing snapshots of someone’s “best life”. How does your life compare? How does someone have so […]

winter sky

The cold night is beautiful. The stars shine bright. There is a silence as the snow begins it’s decent. The moon lights the land with a cool glow. The air is tinged with frost and a cool wind. This is winter at night. And it is peaceful.

tidal whirlpool

The water swirls around me. The current is strong. There is a voice telling me to let go. It is cold and I only want to be warm and dry. I want this to end. I don’t want to suffer anymore. But the fight is in me. The will to survive is too strong. Today I will not drown. Today […]

don’t i bleed

Blood. It is what gives us life. It flows through us, pumping oxygen to our body. It is warm and thick and red. It is life. And when it’s let loose, life ends. This is the question. Do I bleed? Do I let it out or keep it in. Is there escape or pain. Is there life or nothingness. Today […]

mind’s eye

What do you see when you close your eyes? Do you just see black? Do you see color? Do you see dreams? Or do you not think about it? Does your brain sift through the events of the day categorizing each little occurrence sifting out perceived meaning of each day’s events? Or do you see possibility? Do you see change? […]


They assault the senses but do people really see them. Do people really understand them. They are emotion. They are ideas. They are memories. They are undefinable. Beams of light cast on a surface determined by what spectrum decides to show it’s face. We give them names and classify them into temperatures. We pick favorites and buy products that profess […]


You drift off to sleep. Your mind begins to form a world in itself, ready to take you off on a journey. You want a peaceful nights rest, but it does not come. Instead, a series of terrifying events and circumstances barrage your subconscious and stir you from your slumber. You have had a nightmare. Now lay your head back […]