brain damage

brain damage

They call it a chemical imbalance. Others call you crazy. Society says you are a second class citizen.

There is a stigma that goes along with mental illness. People don’t realize it is a medical condition just like heart disease or diabetes.

But these medical conditions don’t affect your behavior, so they are ok. Have a psychotic break in public and see how people treat you. You might even have the fucking cops called on you.

You lose so much to mental illness. You might even lose your ability to support yourself. See if high blood pressure will cause you to lose your job.

You lose friends, you lose significant others, you lose entire swaths of your life. I wonder if high cholesterol will cheat you out of life.

It is expensive to treat mental illness. It is hard to treat mental illness. It is hard to diagnose mental illness properly. You can’t just get an ekg and some blood thinner and be on your way.

It may take hospitalizations, decades of experimentation with different medication combinations, years of therapy. And that is just to treat the symptoms. There is no cure. It doesn’t go away. Even with the right medication, mental illness still rears it’s head. It lets you know you are not alone. It is always waiting around the next corner and you never know if it is going to strike from the shadows.

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