books about selling your art

books about selling your art

I have read a lot of books on art sales these past couple of weeks. Obviously, I want to sell my art and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But what I have not taken into account, at the stupidity of myself, is that the authors themselves, are not successful artists.

They have taken a mass of artists striving to either make a living from, or at the very least, side income from selling their art – and created an industry preying on those of us who want to actually succeed at creating art and have people buy it.

I have made the mistake of buying books and reading them half way through, realizing the author is a bullshit artist and just chucking it. There goes another 10 bucks. I am going to stop buying into this predatory business.

In the last book that I read which had me almost hurl my kindle against a wall was entitled “Guerilla Marketing for Artists” by Barney Davey. This guy is the master of all bullshit artists. About a third of the way through the book he talks about personal branding. Sure, sounds like a good thing to do as an emerging artist. He continues, however to start talking about people like Thomas Kinkade, Warhol and Martha Stewart.

First of all, I was not aware Martha Stewart was an artist, nor could I understand her correlation to that of an artist trying to sell some prints online. His whole chapter includes stories of famous artists which have no bearing on people who his book is supposed to be helping.

To me he seems like a bullshit artist and has no idea what it really takes to come from nothing to make a little something of yourself as an artist. When your target market is emerging artists and your purpose is to give them the tools to create a successful art career, maybe include some information about how to accomplish that instead of flaunting your knowledge about well known and famous artists and their contribution to the world of art.

There are plenty of blogs offering advice on how to build your artist career with “10 steps to do (insert unknown artists desire for profitability here)” I am sick of people who have not been through shit talking about and giving advice to those people who really need it. Maybe that’s their calling in life – scamming and lying. It’s all about making that quick buck isn’t it.

Needless to say, if you are a struggling artist and are looking for some help in either building or launching your career, be wary of blog posts with a 10 step solution or books that claim they will make your art career “bulletproof”.

I just wish I had read this post before I spent like 100 bucks and all these bullshit artists books and actually thinking these people could help me.

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